All you need to know about MelitaWiFi

Manage Devices connected to MelitaWifi
One can have up to two devices connected to MelitaWIFI with the same MyMelita credentials.
To check devices connected with the same MyMelita credentials go to and enter the MyMelita credentials.
A list displaying the MAC addresses of devices currently using the MyMelita credentials is displayed.
To remove devices connected with the MyMelita credentials click on Reset Device List. New devices needed to be added manually again, entering the MyMelita credentials.

How do I subscribe to MelitaWiFi service?
If you are using melitaWiFi for the first time, registering is easy.
1. Simply log on to melitaWiFi service by connecting to the network named MelitaWifi.
2. Once connected, open your browser and you will be directed to melitaWiFi page as shown below.

3. Choose one of the two options by which you can subscribe to this service.
4. If you are a Melita mobile subscriber, enter your Melita mobile number in the ‘Phone Number’ textbox.
5. Enter the secret code as displayed on your screen.
6. Press the ‘Send me a code’ button. You will receive a code on the Melita mobile number you entered in the ‘phone number’ field.

7. Enter the code you received by SMS in the ‘Confirmation Code’ textbox.
8. Press the ‘Confirm Code’ button.

You are now connected !

If you are not a Melita Mobile subscriber, simply log on to melitaWiFi service using your My Melita username and password. If you don’t have access to My Melita, click here for a quick guide on how to get your free access along with the benefits of the service. Please remember not to give away your My Melita username and password since this can be used to can access your personal data.

If you want to purchase a melitaWiFi guest access simply click here for a guide on how to get your access.

How can I purchase a MelitaWifi guest access?
If you’re not a Melita internet or mobile customer you may purchase a melitaWIFI guest pass by following the instructions below:

1. Search for melitaWIFI wireless signal from your mobile phone or tablet
2. Connect with melitaWIFI
3. A splash screen will appear with various options, choose the section which says “If you’re not a melita customer”
4. Enter your mobile number and secret code
5. Press “Send Me A Code”
6. An SMS will be sent to your mobile phone with a code required to complete registration
7. Select the offer you would like to purchase



8. Enter your card details via our secure payment gateway

img3Once payment confirmation is received you will have access for melitaWiFi service.

How do I connect to MelitaWifi service?
If you have already registered to melitaWiFi, you simply need to search for melitaWiFi outdoor zone or indoor spot from your device. If you have already used melitaWiFi, you will be automatically connected whenever you’re in a melitaWiFi coverage zone.

If you have not registered yet, please click here for an explanation on how to register to melitaWiFi.

Please remember not to give away your My Melita username and password since this can be used to can access your personal data.

How much data can I use when using MelitaWifi?
You will have a download limit of 10GB of usage every 30 days. If you are eligible to use 2 devices with the same subscription the 10GB will be shared on both devices.

If you purchased melitaWiFi you can re-subscribe and extend your subscription for another 15 days for an additional €10. All you need to do is to log in again with melitaWiFi and follow the same procedureas you did the first time to register.

How to check how much data you have used.
With melitaWiFi service you’re never stopped from browsing the internet when reaching any limit. To view how much internet you used out of your bundle allocation feel free to click here and login with your username and password.

How do I get a MyMelita username and password?
That’s very simple. If you are already a Melita customer but don’t have a MyMelita account yet, simply click here for further infromation on how to register.
Alternatively, you can send us an email, including a copy of the account holder’s ID card by clicking here.

How much does a MelitaWiFi bundle cost?
melitaWiFi service is free of charge to all Melita Mobile Postpaid, Hybrid customers and Fibre Power home Internet subscibers. During this period, Melita customers will benefit from 10GB of WiFi usage every 30 days which can be used at any melitaWiFi coverage areas.

If you are a Melita Mobile Prepaid customer and topped up your mobile with €10 credit, you will be eligible to use melitaWiFi for 30 days. Customers will benefit from 10GB of WiFi usage which can be used at any melitaWiFi coverage areas.

If you’re not a Melita internet or mobile customer you may purchase a melitaWiFi guest pass for a fee of €10. You will get 10GB of data for 15 days. Click here for instructions on how to purchase melitaWiFi access.

Where are MelitaWiFi zones situated?
Melita’s outdoor WiFi zones are spread all around Malta particularly in busy areas such as public open air spaces, and commercial areas. Moreover thousands of Melita modems across Malta also enable you to connect to melitaWiFi service. Should you wish to view a map with locations where service is available go to click here.

How many devices can I register on the service?
If you purchased melitaWiFi via our secure payment you can use one subscription per device.
If you are using MyMelita to log in to melitaWiFi you may register up to 2 devices using the same MyMelita username and password. These may be a mix of mobiles, tablets or other wireless devices. Don’t worry, if you change your phone, or get a new tablet, you can easily reset the devices and connect the new one.

What happens when I move out of the MelitaWiFi coverage zone?
Just like using a normal WiFi service at home or other place, once you walk out of a melitaWiFi coverage zone your device will automatically get disconnected from internet access. Your phone, tablet or other device should mark when you are connected to WiFi. Note that if you walk out of a WiFi coverage area, your phone or other device may switch directly to mobile internet and use your 3G bundle or tariff.

I recently lost my phone and bought a new one, how can i register the new phone?
Don’t worry. If you want to change the device with which you access the melitaWiFi service it’s very simple. Click here and you will see a tab showing the number of devices you have registered already. Click the ‘’Reset’’ button and your devices will be removed. This means that you can connect and register new devices by connecting to melitaWiFi. Please remember that when you reset your device list all devices registered will be removed from the list.

If you purchased melitaWiFi bundle you can only use that device you registered the first time. Once the 15 days are expired you can re-register for melitaWiFi using a different device.



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