How do I subscribe to MelitaWiFi service?

If you are using melitaWiFi for the first time, registering is easy.

  • Simply log on to melitaWiFi service by connecting to the network named MelitaWifi.
  • Once connected, open your browser and you will be directed to the melitaWiFi page as shown below.

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Choose one of the two options by which you can subscribe to this service.

If you are a Melita mobile subscriber:

  • Enter your Melita mobile number in the ‘Phone Number’ textbox.
  • Enter the secret code as displayed on your screen.
  • Press the Send me a Code button. You will receive a code on the Melita mobile number you entered in the Phone Number field.


  • Enter the code you received by SMS in the Confirmation Code text box.
  • Press the Confirm Code button.

You are now connected!

If you are not a Melita Mobile subscriber, simply log on to melitaWiFi service using your My Melita username and password.

If you don’t have access to My Melita, click here for a quick guide on how to get your free access along with the benefits of the service. Please remember not to give away your My Melita username and password since this can be used to can access your personal data.

If you want to purchase a melitaWiFi guest access simply click here for a guide on how to get your access.

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Still need help? Our support team is waiting to help you. Ask them now