Slow internet connection

Common causes for internet speeds being lower than package speeds are:

  1. Device and application limitations (Wi-Fi access, Browser, running multiple applications simultaneously, .….)
  2. Source issues with the site being browsed (Overloaded “grey” sites, ..)

To check that your internet speed, connect your laptop or device to the modem using a cable (A UTP CAT 5 cable is recommended). Reset your device (switch the power off and back on) and allow it a few minutes to reconnect. Ensure that all applications that are running on device are closed then go to  or, (select Madliena) and run test.

If, having followed these guidelines, the result is lower than your package speed then please contact Melita at your convenience via its online helpdesk at, chat or via email on Melita will verify whether there are any Melita network or equipment issues that are impacting your service and if this is the case will dispatch a technician or team to resolve the situation with urgency.

Melita will respond to all complaints submitted and will resolve issues of its making at no cost, however it will charge for service visits required by customers where the issue is not Melita related.

WiFi is a great enabler for wireless devices and Melita supports its use by providing a quality Wi-Fi interface for reliable access. WiFi does have limitations and is designated as Free to Air spectrum. As such it is not within Melita’s control and speed tests performed over Wi-Fi may provide speed results that are lower than the package speed. This may be due to the end user device or due to other factors. If testing using Wi-Fi stand directly next to modem with no obstacles between modem and device.