Setting a timer to automatically switch to a channel

Melita’s Digital Set-Top box can be set up to switch to a particular channel once or at any desired frequency. Here’s how;

  • Press the Menu button from the Melita Digital remote control. This is located next to the Volume Up button.
  • Select Timer.
  • Press OK on any timer; for example Timer #1.
  • Set the following parameters:

CH. Type – Set this to either TV or Radio according to the channel type.
CH. Number – Set the channel number accordingly; for example, 101 = TVM.
CH. Name – Set the channel name according to the channel number.
Start Time – Set the date and time using the dial buttons on the Melita Digital remote control.
Stop Time – Use the above method; the stop date must be the same as the start date.
Status – Specify the frequency for the timer condition.

Another quick method for reserving a timer for one particular occasion is as follows:

  • Press the EPG button; this is located next to the number on the Melita Digital remote control.
  • Once on a particular channel, press the Yellow button to view the schedule.
  • Scroll to any desired programme and press the Red button to reserve the time accordingly.
  • Press the OK button.

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