List of useful mobile service commands

Prepaid/Hybrid Plans
Credit Management
Topup by Voucher Enter *125* followed by the hidden top-up number ending with hash #. (eg. *125*1234567891011#) or
Call 125, select ‘1’ as guided by the answering machine.
Transfer your current mobile credit to someone else. Call 125 and select ‘3’ as guided by the answering machine. Enter the mobile number you wish to transfer credit to.
Credit Check Dial *121#. Remaining Prepaid Balance will be displayed.
Data Bundles options for Prepaid/Hybrid customers
16850 SMS  €0.50 To purchase 50MB of daily Data on any Prepaid/Hybrid plan. Renews every day.
16855 SMS  €2.50 To purchase 350MB of weekly Data on any Prepaid/Hybrid plan. Renews weekly.
16860 SMS  €5.00 To purchase 1GB of monthly Data on any Prepaid/Hybrid plan. Renews every 30 days.
16802 SMS  €12.00 To purchase 2GB of monthly Data on any Prepaid/Hybrid plan. Renews every 30 days.
16852 SMS FREE To remove and cancel future renewal of a purchased data bundle on Prepaid/Hybrid Plans. Cancellation happens on the day of renewal so you can use any unused data allowances until then.

The above data bundles automatically renew if sufficient credit is available on your account. Please ensure that credit is available in order to benefit of better rates. Going above the data allowance is at default 10c/MB rate.

SMS Bundles options for Prepaid/Hybrid customers
16805 SMS  €2.50 To purchase a bundle consisting of 250 SMS’s which can be used towards all local networks.
16810 SMS  FREE To start benefitting from the Tentastic offer when subscribed to a Prepaid Plan. A Eur10 topup voucher should be topped up prior sending this SMS. Click here to view the Tentastic offer:
General Information
16830 SMS  FREE To check remaining Data/SMS Balance for purchased Bundles.
16840 SMS  FREE To receive settings via SMS for mobile internet on supported devices.
Postpaid Plans
16877 SMS  €0.05 SMS  will display information on: remaining data amount, calls/SMS balance left (if applicable)
16868 SMS FREE Melita will protect you from generating excessive usage whilst roaming therefore we will block any usage when reaching Eur50.  This SMS should be sent in order to re-open data access whilst roaming beyond Eur50.
Melita will also protect you from exceeding further excessive usage. Melita will let you know when any limit has been reached. Use 16868 to unblock these limits
16860 CALL FREE To register your FREE chosen numbers on the Unlimited Value & Magic Plans
 €2.00 Same number can be used to change any one of these numbers with a standard charge of Eur2 per number being replaced
General Information
16888 SMS  FREE To check extra charges done over and above the selected plan.
16840 SMS  FREE To receive settings via SMS for mobile internet on supported devices.
Other Useful Information
SMS Centre Number 35677794022 This number should be set in your mobile phone in the SMS Settings.
IMEI Number Dial *#06# Unique device identification code
Call with a hidden number Dial #31#12345678 #31# followed by the phone number
Digits on a topup voucher Voucher Hidden Number 14 digits
Voucher Serial Number (Barcode) 12 digits
SIM Card Information PIN Code 4 digits
PUK Code 4 digits
These codes can be found on your SIM Card starter pack. In order to retrieve any of these codes, you can visit one of our Retail Oulets and provide an identification document.
Call Waiting Activate Dial *43#
Deactivate Dial #43#
Status Dial *#43#
If someone is calling you whilst you are during another call, a voice message will be heard by the 2nd caller informing that you are currently busy during another call.
Call Diverts All calls *21*+356number#
When there is no answer *61*+356number#
When it is unreachable *62*+356number#
When busy *67*+356number#
Missed call notification *21*35677121123
Voice Mail *21*35677121121
Transfer your call from one mobile number to any other number. This will ensure that if the caller does not reach you on the first number, the call will be transferred to your selected 2nd number.
Cancel Diverts All diverts ##002#
If not answered #61#
If unreachable #62#
If busy #67#
To cancel a previously set divert on your mobile.
General Internet Settings Display Name melitaweb
APN web.melita
APN username none
APN password none
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