List of useful Melita Mobile numbers

Short Codes 16888 To check Mobile unbilled balance of Post Paid accounts
16877 To check data usage when subscriber has 7GB/10GB data limit (melita Connector)
Standard charge of €0.05 applies
16999 To unbar data roaming
16850 To receive 50MB download limit on Prepaid – standard charge of €0.50 applies
16855 To receive 350MB download limit on Prepaid – standard charge of €2.50 applies
16860 To register Unlimited & Magic numbers
16840 To receive Internet and MMS settings OTA
16810 To migrate to the Tentastic offer
16852 To opt out of the data bundle on Prepaid
16830 To check data usage when subscriber has Total Control / Hybrid Plans
Top-up by Voucher Enter *125* followed by the hidden top-up number.
(eg. *125* 1234567891011)
Prepaid Credit check *121# and press Send
SMS Centre Number 35677794022
IMEI number Dial *#06#
Hide Number #31# before number
Transfer Credit (Prepaid) Dial 125 ext. 3
Mailbox/voicemail number 121 (+35677121121 or 0035677121121 when roaming)
Digits HRN Number (Hidden Number) 14 digits
Voucher Serial Number 12 digits
PIN code 4 digits
PUK Code 8 digits
Unbarring code (for all barrings) #330*1234# and send
Call Waiting Activate Press *43# and Send
Deactivate Press #43# and Send
Status Press *#43# and Send
Call Diverts All calls *21*+356number#
When there is no answer *61*+356number#
When it is unreachable *62*+356number#
When busy *67*+356number#
Missed call notification *21*35677121123
Voice Mail *21*35677121121
Cancel Diverts All diverts ##002#
If not answered #61#+356number#
If unreachable #62#+356number#
If busy #67#+356number#
General Internet Settings Display Name melitaweb
APN web.melita
APN username none
APN password none
Home Page URL

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