Melita digital remote functionalities

If you have the silver box:

See more functionalities and other useful information below

EPG button (Electronic Programme Guide): Watch programme information and schedule.

i button (information): Used to display brief information such as current channel type, name, local start/end time, guide information, current time, favourite channel, Audio mode and Audio ID.

Menu button:

  • System setup: Here is where you will find the sections displayed below.
  • Smart Card: The Smart Card serial number and version will be displayed in this section.
  • System Information: The software version will be displayed here.
  • Software Update: View when the latest software was updated.
  • Parental Control: This section is used to change the password. You would need to select “Lock Channel Editing” and change it to “ON”. From this section, you can also select the Age Limit.

Preference: Set the aspect ratio or correct the AV Mode from this section.

  • Aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9, auto)
  • AV Mode (RGB, CVBS, Y/C)

Installation: This section is normally only used by our service technicians to perform a channel scan.

Timer: This section is used to set timers on channels.

Language: We recommend you keep the default language which is set to English.

OPT button (options): This section will let you change the audio track from stereo to mono or vice versa. You can also change the language on the audio track. Please be aware that this can only be done if the channel is transmitting in multiple languages.

Text button:  This is more widely known as the Teletext button. Teletext is only available when channels include Teletext through their transmission.

Red button: Use this button to bring up the favourites channel list or when adding a channel to the favourites channel list.

Green button: Once on the channel list, use this button to lock or unlock any channel.

Yellow button: Use this button to view the channel list in numerical order.

Blue button: Use this button to view the channel list in alphabetical order.

TV/R button: Toggle between TV or Radio mode by pressing this button.

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