Get the Most out of Your Internet Speed

In the world of Internet, advertised speeds are based upon a direct – cable connection to the modem.

Although we provide full speed to the modem, wireless speeds vary and depend on a number of factors such as interferences with other wireless networks & devices, walls, doors, furniture and appliances. WiFi speeds also depend on whether your device supports it or not.

We have some tips on how you can improve your internet experience

 1. Use 5Ghz Wi-Fi frequency for higher speed and reliability


Our Flexi bundles provide high end modems that offer the best internet speed and reliability. Our Arris modems give you the choice of connecting WiFi between 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz. What does this mean? 2.4Ghz is used by the majority of devices, offering a good WiFi range however this means it’s busier as majority of the devices are connected with this frequency and so this can result with slower internet speed. Not all devices support 5Ghz so if your device finds it, use it, as it gives you a guaranteed better WiFi performance.


2. Make sure you are connected to the right Wi-Fi network

Make sure that you are connected with your home network and not your neighbour’s WiFi or MelitaWiFi. Melita Wi-Fi is good for guests or public use but it only offers you a limited speed. Don’t forget, if 5GHz is available on your device, use it as it gives you better speeds.


3. Multiple devices connecting at the same time

Sharing WiFi speed is like splitting a pie, there are only so many slices to go around and some devices are hungrier than others. The more devices one has connected, the less speed one will receive.

So switch off any devices which aren’t needed to get better speeds


4. From time to time, reboot your modem

Like any other electronic equipment, your modem will need an occasional refresh. When encountering issues with your internet connection try rebooting your modem by pressing the reset button located at the back of your modem.

Performing-a-Factory-Reset-04J8AkZhxHyo_beta5. Run a service diagnostic test

When experiencing problems with your Internet connection, you can check the service status through MyMelita. Simply run a service diagnostic test to detect any issues or potential issues on your internet connection. Click here for more information.

6. If WiFi is needed in all corners of your home, you will need more than a modem in the main room

You wouldn’t expect a single light bulb to light every room of your home, so you can’t expect one internet modem to bring WiFi to every room and corner of your household. Melita’s enhanced StellarWiFi powered by Plume – uses a special Mesh technology to fill every inch of your home with the strongest possible signal. With this high-tech solution you will expand your wireless internet by adding multiple pods as you need. You can cover a household of any size of shape with the Stellar SuperPods. This means less buffering, more reliable speed and a Wi-Fi signal all-around your home. Find out more here.


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