Slow WiFi Connection

Step 1 – Give your devices a break

Switch it off for a few minutes then turn it back on. More than 40% of the problems are sorted with this easy reset of equipment. It is just a device, needs to have a break sometimes.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Turn off your modem (If there is no power switch on the back of your modem, unplug it to turn it off).
  • Turn off your router (If there is no power switch on the back of your router, unplug it to turn it off).
  • Shut down your computer, or restart your device (mobile phone, tablet, Pc or Laptop).
  • Turn your modem back on. Wait few minutes for your modem to obtain a connection.
  • Turn your computer back on, and re-test your internet speed here.

Step 2 – How close are you to the modem?

  • Go closer to your modem, within 1.5 meter of the modem. Do you have now stable Wi-Fi speed?
  • If the speed is OK now, or you need to use internet for more than 1.5 meters, the issue is in your Wi-Fi range. You will need to have a Wi-Fi extender.

Step 3 – Check what else is online

  • Your broadband speed is shared with every device using your Wi-Fi router. If four devices are using the internet at the same time, they’ll get roughly a quarter of the available speed each. You should check if you need all these devices connected to your broadband, and disconnect them if not.

Step 4 – Reducing interference

Interference can come from items such as baby monitors, older cordless phones and gadgets, microwave ovens and even old TVs. It can even come from your neighbour’s gateway if they are using the same Wi-Fi channel.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Unplug each device in your home and check for an improvement in Wi-Fi performance.
  • Look for patterns, such as when a microwave or cordless phone is used.
  • Move interfering devices away from your modem.

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