Why can I see a picture but I’m not hearing any sound on Digital TV?

If you have the silver box:

Are you not getting any sound on one particular channel or on all channels? To fix this, please follow the instructions below:

No sound on all channels:

  • Confirm that the Volume bar on your television screen is not marked red. If so, this means that the volume is set to Mute. To un-mute, get the Melita Digital remote control and press the Mute or the Volume Up button.
  • Repeat step one using your television set remote control.
  • Confirm that the SCART cable is securely connected to both ends.
  • Reboot the Melita Digital Set-Top box.
  • Test using a different SCART cable.
  • If the connection between the Melita Digital Set-Top box and your television set is through a coaxial cable, re-tune your television set.

No sound on one particular channel only:

If you are subscribed to an additional Melita Digital Set-Top box, identify the channel and check whether the problem is the same on both outlets.

  • If the problem is occurring on both outlets, it could mean that there are technical faults on that particular channel.
  • If on another Melita Digital Set-Top box you are able to hear sound on the respective channel or you have no additional outlets to check from, reboot the Melita Digital Set-Top box.

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