Note 10

Note 10: Please contact technical support on 27270270

Pull out the Melita Digital TV Smart Card, wipe the chip and leave the card out.

Reboot the Melita Digital Set-Top box.

Note 2 will be displayed. Insert the Smart Card by pointing the arrow towards the slot; the Melita logo has to face the ceiling, meaning that the Smart Card chip has to be facing the floor.

If the issue persists, perform a channel scan. Here’s how:

  • Put down your remote control and have a look at the Melita Digital Set-Top box. You should notice two buttons; channel up and channel down.
  • Press both channel up and channel down buttons simultaneously and sustain for about four seconds.

  • You can release them once the Set-Top box turns off.
  • A blue screen will appear and a message will indicate that a software update is being done. Do not press any buttons at this time.
  • Wait until the progress bar reaches 100% and the set-top box will reboot once again.
  • A channel scan will start automatically. Do not press any buttons at this time.

  • Once the channel scan is done, a yellow prompt will ask you to press the OK button.
Press OK key
  •  Get the Melita Digital remote control, press the OK button once and then press the Exit button twice.



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