Why does my picture keep freezing or breaking into squares?

Freezing channels and pixelization are normally caused by interference. Interference can be present due to many different factors.

If you have the silver box:

Place any wireless devices including cordless phones or microwave ovens a good distance away from the Melita Digital Set-Top box.

Confirm that the metal connector on the coaxial cable is connected to Cable Input is screwed tight.

Cable Input port is shown in the red circle above

If the issue persists, perform a channel scan. Here’s how:

  • Put down your remote control and have a look at the Melita Digital Set-Top box. You should notice two buttons; channel up and channel down.
  • Press both channel up and channel down buttons simultaneously and sustain for about four seconds.

  • You can release them once the set-top box turns off.
  • A blue screen will appear and a message will indicate that a software update is being done. Do not press any buttons at this time.

  • Wait until the progress bar reaches 100% and the set-top box will reboot once again.
  • A channel scan will start automatically. Do not press any buttons at this time.

  • Once the channel scan is done, a yellow prompt will ask you to press the OK button.

Press OK key

  •  Get the Melita Digital remote control, press the OK button once and then press the Exit button twice.


If you are subscribed to an additional Melita Digital Set-Top box, identify the channel or group of channels and check whether the problem is the same on both outlets.

  • If the problem is occurring on both outlets, it could mean that there are technical faults on that particular channel.

If you have the Digibox SD:

Check that the RG6 cable is connected properly to the STB.
If the problem persists, you need to perform a Factory Default on the STB. Click here to see how.


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