Why is my bill higher than expected?

There are several different reasons why your bill could be higher than expected. These could be:

  • Your first bill.

The first bill is usually higher than expected. That’s because we charge for your first month’s and the next month’s services together on the first bill. This only happens when you first join Melita. Your bill settles down after that.

  • Recently added or changed services?

Once you changed any of your services during your billing period, you are only charged for the period service was taken. On your bill you will notice a credit for the days when the previous service was removed and a debit for the days the new service has been added till the next invoice date.

  • Expiration of promo

It could also be that you were given an offer with a discounted price which expires after a period of time, after this offer expires you will be charged with the normal rate and without discount. Usually the discounts given last for the duration of the contract.

  • Installation fee

When you install or change a service there may be an installation charge, this covers the installation of our Equipment. This is a one time charge and we wont charge you every month.

  • Late payment fee

You may be charged a late payment fee if a bill was not paid on time. That’s why we recommend that you pay by direct debit/PACC to avoid such charges.

  • Have you been abroad?

When you are roaming, any calls, SMSs or data used will be charged for on your next invoice. This is because when you’re in another country you’ll be connected to the local network there instead with Melita. Your free monthly allowances on your mobile plan will not be included when you are abroad. So if you normally call all Melita numbers for free, while you are roaming you will be charged the standard charges depending on the country you’re roaming in.

Click here to learn more about our roaming rates.

  • Extra usage

It could also be that you have exceeded your data plan on your mobile phone or maybe called or sent an SMS towards an international number. This could increase your monthly bill.

Click here to learn more about our mobile international rates or here for our telephony international rates.

If you decide not to pay by Direct Debit (DDM) or Pre-Authorised Credit Card (PACC) a Monthly Payment Charge of €0.50 applies. 

This charge applies to payments made by cheque, card or over the counter, and includes payments via standing order, internet banking, bank transfers or through MyMelita.

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