Checking your usage

This is how you can check what this usage is about:

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  • Select My Usage


A list of subscriptions will be shown, select either mobile/telephony subscription by clicking on the arrow key.


Once pressed, an overview of your subscription will be displayed. Information displayed includes how much data you have left and usage charges in this billing cycle.


  • Click on the Down arrow key as shown above next to Current Billing Cycle
  • Once clicked the Down arrow key, you can either select the invoice (last 6 Invoices will be displayed) or else you can select Custom Period.

If an invoice is selected an overview of usage will be displayed. If you click on Details the destination number, date & time and cost will be displayed accordingly as shown below.



If instead of selecting an Invoice you select Custom Periodstart & end date will be displayed. If you click on them a calendar will be opened in order to select both the Starting Date & Ending Date.


  • Once the Start Ending Date has been selected an overview will be displayed consisting of usage done grouped as Calls, SMS & Data if it’s a mobile subscription.


If you click on Details the destination number, date & time and cost will be displayed accordingly as shown below.



If you decide not to pay by Direct Debit (DDM) or Pre-Authorised Credit Card (PACC) a Monthly Payment Charge of €0.50 applies. 

This charge applies to payments made by cheque, card or over the counter, and includes payments via standing order, internet banking, bank transfers or through MyMelita.

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