Prepaid and Hybrid plans – Data bundles using SMS

Prepaid/Hybrid Plans
Data Bundles
500MB SMS  €3.00 Send SMS with 500MB to 16860
1GB SMS  €5.00 Send SMS with 1GB to 16860
3GB SMS  €10.00 Send SMS with 3GB to 16860
10GB SMS €20.00 Send SMS with 10GB to 16860
16852 SMS —- To cancel a purchased data bundle on Prepaid/Hybrid Plans.
16830 SMS —- To check the remaining MB

Prices include VAT and exclude excise tax and other taxes.

The price excludes excise Tax 4%, make sure you have enough credit to activate the required bundle (€3,12 for 500MB, €5,20 for 1GB, €10,40 for 3GB). 

How to order data bundle

  • Choose which data bundle you’d like.
  • Make sure you have enough money on your account to cover the cost of the bundle (dial *121# and call to check your balance).
  • SMS the bundle name, e.g. 3GB to 16860.

Automatic bundle renewal

No need to remember to renew your data bundle. Once you’ve used all the data in your bundle, we’ll add a new bundle at the same great rate, as long as you have enough credit on your account.

If you don’t have enough credit to renew your bundle, you can Top up or continue using data at 5c/MB.

How to cancel

Here is how you can cancel your data bundle. 

You can cancel your automatic data bundle renewal at any time by sending an SMS to 16852.
Of course, you can still use any data left in your existing bundle.

Prices include VAT and exclude excise tax and other taxes

Credit Management

Topup by voucher e.g.: *125*12345678910112#

Prepaid credit check Dial *121# and call

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