Eliminate WiFi interference

If you are experiencing WiFi that is dropping, most likely you are being affected by interference from other networks. WiFi 2.4Ghz frequency is commonly used across devices such as garage door openers and home security sensors and it’s probably the frequency your neighbours’ WiFi is using it means if your network is dropping it may be conflicting with other networks and devices which are using the same frequencies.

Check out the below video on what can affect Internet speed:

In order to reduce Interference’s, you need a dual band modem.

Our high-end ARRIS  dual band modem transmits both frequencies, choosing 5 GHz will give you less interference and better WiFi performance. If you do not have our ARRIS modem yet, check out our Flexi Bundles.

In order to benefit from 5Ghz, your end devices such as; Laptops, Tablets & Mobile phones need to support 5Ghz band. If your devices cannot see the 5Ghz WiFi that means you either do not have a dual band modem or your device does not support it.


If your older Laptop cannot support 5Ghz, you can buy a 5Ghz WiFi USB from a computer store which will give you access to higher and less crowded frequencies. For more information on how to get the dual band ARRIS modem, check our Flexi Bundles by click here.

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