FAQ – Better WiFi range

Location of Modem

The location of your WiFi modem or router is very important for your wireless speed. Modems will usually give you good coverage in a large room. The shorter your signal has to travel, the faster your speeds will be and the further it has to travel, the slower it will become.

It’s vital to put your Melita modem in the right place: the nearer it is to where you use it, the better. If you want the best wireless coverage, your Melita Modem should be located in a central location in your home.  Modem’s range is mainly affected by the environment of the surrounding area and individual conditions in that particular household.

WiFi Range Extenders

If you require your wireless network to cover a larger area or more rooms where your WiFi connection is weak you need a wireless range extender to help boost your signal.

A WiFi range extender picks up the existing WiFi signal from your wireless modem and simply rebroadcasts it for further distance. WiFi range extenders are available for sale from computer stores.

Mesh System

WiFi Range extenders help bring connectivity to non-internet zones, but also have their limitations. If you want seamless connectivity everywhere in your home, consider a WiFi Mesh system instead.  You can buy WiFi Mesh systems from computer stores or in computer equipment specialising e-Shops

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