FAQ – Networks and devices interferences can slow down your speed

WiFi operates on the same frequency as other wireless appliances in your household such as baby monitors, garage door openers, speakers, microwave or fridge. Keep in mind that also your neighbours are using WiFi and other devices. All those signals are conflicting with each other and slow down your WiFi performance. Especially between 6 pm till midnight people use more devices connected to the same frequency, impacting your network as well.

Network Interference is like you are at a concert with a band playing really loud. Due to the loud music going on, it’s difficult to talk to your friends, and so you end up talking louder in order to make yourself heard. However, the people next to you have to raise their voice as well in order to make themselves heard with their friends with the band and all the people talking in higher voices. This makes it impossible to communicate and understand one another.

This is exactly what happens to wireless devices trying to communicate in a busy environment. Therefore use the 5GHz frequency to avoid interferences from other networks.


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