How can I block or unblock a channel?

If you have Netbox or iBox:

1.  Press the Menu button from the Melita HD remote control.

Netbox Menu

2.  Press OK on Setup and diagnostics.

3.  Go to Parental Control and enter your 4-digit PIN to access parental control settings.

4.  Press OK on Channel Blocking.

5.  Go to the channel you wish to block and then press the OK button. A lock will be displayed next to the channel name which indicates that the channel is currently blocked.

6.  To unblock a channel, press the OK button on any channel you wish to unblock. Remember that blocked channels are indicated with a lock next to the channel name, so once the channel is unblocked, the lock will disappear.

7.  An important note to remember is that once you enter the 4-digit PIN to watch a blocked channel, Parental Control will be unlocked for that session and it will be re-activated when you restart your system.

If you have Digibox HD:

1. Go to Menu and select Channel.
2. Select between TV Channel List or Radio Channel List.
3. Select the channel you want to Lock and press on the Yellow button to edit the channel
4. Enter the password. The Default password is 0000.


5. Press on the Yellow button to Lock the channel. The Lock sign is displayed.


6. Once done, press the Menu button to exit the menu. You need to confirm the changes.


N.B. To unlock a channel, follow the same steps. However, this time you need to remove the lock sign near the channel by selecting the channel and press the Yellow button.

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