How do I register on MyMelita via Mobile Number?

If you are a new Melita customer, kindly provide your email address when subscribing to our service.

If you are already a Melita subscriber, to log in to MyMelita you can go on
If you are using your MyMelita from your mobile device, you can download the MyMelita app from Play Store if you are using an Android device and from App Store if you are using an Apple device.

Follow the steps in the short video below which should guide you on how to set up MyMelita.

Alternatively, you can follow the below process.


  • Type in your e-mail address.


  • Click on Continue.
  • Click on the via Mobile Number option.

Type a mobile number that is on your account in the field provided and press continue (this option gives you access to view all usage found on your account).


A six digit pin is sent to the mobile inputted.

Insert the pin in  Verification pin section and press continue.

The below screen will show and an Email is sent to the mailbox provided to finish the registration.


Click on the link provided in the Email.


Confirm the Email is correct and click on proceed.


Insert your password and repeat your password.


Select a security question.


Type in your answer and click on proceed.


Click on complete and login to complete your registration.


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