How do I set up StellarWiFi?

To set up your SuperPods, you will need a:

  • a WiFi enabled device – a smartphone or laptop, with WiFi turned on!
  • an ethernet cable
  • something to note down a number

To start your setup;

  • Take note of the 10 figure code between at the back of your SuperPods – this is your temporary password which usually starts with 4C7
  • Connect the SuperPod to your modem with the ethernet cable and plug it to a wall socket
  • Plug in a 2nd SuperPod to a socket in another room (you can move the SuperPod around later for the best coverage)
  • Your SuperPods will be connected when their green lights stop flashing – this could take a few minutes
  • From the WiFi settings on your device, choose StellarWiFi and enter the 10 figure password (the code you noted in step 1 above)

Once you’ve set up your StellarWiFi, follow these steps to get the most from your home WiFi.

  • Register (if you haven’t already) or Log in to MyMelita
  • Choose My Services (You will see a list of your current services)

My Services

  • Click on the blue arrow next to your Interner subscription


  • Select Details, scroll down to the bottom and click Generate Password


Scene 7 - Generate PW.mp4.00_00_05_20.Still003


  • Download the Plume wifi App from

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  • Once installed, open the App and select Sign In


  • Enter the email you use for MyMelita and the password you noted down


All done! Enjoy all the wonderful benefits that come with your Plume membership, including easy guest access to your home WiFi with the tap of a finger and advanced parental controls.


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