iMessage and Facetime Activation and Service Fees

Facetime and iMessage services may work as long as a Melita subscriber acquires at least 3G signal (and above) or WiFi and if Apple device version is iOS 6 (and above).

While use of these apps may be covered by an existing data subscription or WiFi, service activation is billable. Toggling ON the Facetime or iMessage button in the phone settings will trigger regular International SMS charge of 23c per SMS including VAT.

Please note that if you are subscribed to a plan with unlimited local SMS, these international SMS are not covered.

For Postpaid users, Facetime/iMessage charge appears in the usage section as International SMS with a UK-based number as the recipient. This represents an activation SMS sent by the Apple device to its server. Prepaid users, on the other hand, will notice an International SMS deduction from their balance. To prevent getting charged more than once, avoid toggling the On/Off button again after activation. Just keep the button set to On.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why am I being charged for Int’l SMS when I am only doing Facetime or iMessage?

Whenever Facetime / iMessage is turned on in your phone’s settings, a prompt appears that your carrier may charge for SMS messages (see screenshot below). Actually, the phone sends a message to a UK-based number.The international SMS that the phone silently sends for Facetime/iMessage activation is valid and billable.




  • Will I be charged for International SMS each time I use Facetime or iMessage?

The use of Facetime or iMessage, will not incur International SMS. You will only be charged for an International SMS each time you turn on the Facetime or iMessage button in the settings of your iphone. To prevent this, you may keep the button set to “on”. Also, the activation of Facetime or iMessage may take up to 24 hours. Avoid toggling the on/off button to avoid unnecessary charges.


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