Manage devices connected to MelitaWiFi

To manage any devices connected to MelitaWiFi, follow the step-by-step video below:

To check  and manage devices connected with the same MyMelita credentials or Mobile Number:

Tip: If you don’t have MyMelita account, visit this site and subscribe. Activation takes only a few seconds and you will get plenty of benefits with our free App. More information on how to subscribe here.

  • A list of options will be shown, press on My Services.

MyMelita - MyServices

  • A list of Active subscriptions will be shown, scroll down to find MelitaWIFI.

MyMelita - MelitaWiFi

  • Click on the right arrow key on the mobile number/Email address used when registering for the Melita WiFi service.
  • An overview of the MelitaWiFi service will be given, explaining how much usage limit you have available along with how many devices you can register.
  • Click on Details to access the registered devices on MelitaWiFi service.

MyMelita - Details

  • Click on the ‘X’  sign next to the registered device in order to remove it.

MyMelita - Unregister device

After removing the registered MelitaWiFi device you need to register from scratch in order to access MelitaWiFi. To do so, kindly click this link for mobile registration or this link for MyMelita registration.


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