My WiFi connection is slow

Here’s what could be slowing you down:

  • One or more pods are too far away from another pod
    • Check if any of the LED of the pods is slowly pulsing, which means it is disconnected
    • Each Pod must not be more than 6 metres apart from each other. SuperPods should be no more than 12 metres from each other
    • Ensure that you have a strong core network in your home, keeping pods in the centre and not on exterior walls
  • Not enough pods are connected in your home. Make sure that you have If your signal is constantly weak, this is an indicator
  • One of your pods may be offline. You can go to the Plume App, select Settings on the menu and check the status of each Pod. If one or more Pods are offline, follow the steps described here to resolve the issue
  • Modem issues: Restart your modem to fix certain connection issues
    • Disconnect your modem’s power supply
    • Wait 30 seconds
    • Reconnect your modem to power
  • Make sure your old WiFi is disabled on your router. Click here for instructions on disabling your WiFi on your router to eliminate interference
  • Multiple WiFi networks are running in your area. Try moving your Pods away from the outside walls to avoid the additional interference and promote a stronger core network
  • Look for interference from other sources such as cordless phones, baby monitors, video senders, microwave ovens and other electronics. Many of these devices use the same bands as your WiFi and cause interference.

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