No internet connection on all of my devices

Please follow the steps below;

1. Reset your Modem

  • Shut down your computer, or restart your devices connected to the modem (mobile phone, tablets…).
  • Press the reset button on the back of your modem

  • Wait for the modem to reboot, the LEDs will light up when done.
  • Turn your computer or devices back on, and re-check if your internet connection is back.

    2. Run a service diagnostic test.

    Log in to MyMelita to perform a service diagnostic test.

    We are giving our customers the same tool our Customer service agents use. The service diagnostic test runs a series of tests on your service to detect any faults within your Internet connection.


    It is very easy to use, just one click and we will perform the tests for you. The tests will detect any issues or potential issues along with a solution and relevant articles to help you solve the problem.

    test service

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