Personalize your WiFi password in few steps

In order to change your Home Wi-Fi Password, view the following video or follow the step by step guide below:

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  • Select My Services
  • An overview of your subscriptions will be shown, Select your Internet Subscription.
  • Once you select your internet subscription, another page will be opened containing all the information related to your internet subscription including changing your home WiFi name and password.
  • Press on Change Password to change your home WiFi Password.
  •  Once pressing CHANGE PASSWORD, a dialogue box will be opened in order to change the home WiFi Password, in-case of a dual band modem you will have to select whether you want to change the password for the 2.4 GHz band or the 5 GHz band.
  • After setting up the new Password, select CHANGE PASSWORD button so that changes are applied to your modem.

N.B – 

  • It is recommended to change also the name of WiFi (SSID) Click here to learn how.
  • Don’t forget to inform other users from your household about the new name and password

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