Postpaid plans – general information

Postpaid Plans
16877 SMS  €0.05 SMS  will display information on: remaining data amount, calls/SMS balance left (if applicable)
16868 SMS FREE Melita will protect you from generating excessive usage whilst roaming therefore we will block any usage when reaching Eur50.  This SMS should be sent in order to re-open data access whilst roaming beyond Eur50.
Melita will also protect you from exceeding further excessive usage. Melita will let you know when any limit has been reached. Use 16868 to unblock these limits.
16860 CALL FREE To register your FREE chosen numbers on the Unlimited Value & Magic Plans
 €2.00 Same number can be used to change any one of these numbers with a standard charge of Eur2 per number being replaced
General Information
16888 SMS  FREE To check extra charges done over and above the selected plan.
16840 SMS  FREE To receive settings via SMS for mobile internet on supported devices.


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