Prepaid and Hybrid plans – data bundles using MyMelita

In order to purchase a Data Bundle from MyMelita, view the below video:

Alternatively, follow the below step-by-step tutorial:

Tip: If you don’t have MyMelita account, visit this site and subscribe. Activation takes only a few seconds and you will get plenty of benefits with our free App. More information on how to subscribe here.

  • Click on My Services


  • Select the subscription you want to purchase the Data Bundle


  • A detailed overview will be displayed, where you can access Usage & Balance in your account and also Top-up & purchase SMS/Data Bundles.
  • Select the desired Data Bundle


  • Once done selecting the SMS/Data Bundle click on BUY EXTRAN.B Credit will be deducted after you press BUY EXTRA.
  • Click on YES, BUY


  • A banner will be displayed saying Change in Progress


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