Reset the MyMelita Email Address via Mobile number

In order to reset the MyMelita email, watch our step by step video or follow the instructions below:


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  • Select Trouble Logging In?

Step 1

  • Select Forgot e-mail address?

Step 2

  • Enter the New Email Address and select Continue

Step 3

  • Select via Mobile Number

Step 4

  • Enter your Mobile Number and select Continue

Step 1

A token is sent via SMS. Take note of the token sent.

Step 2

  • Enter the 6 digit token

Step 3

An Email is sent to the address provided. Follow the instructions written in the Email.

Step 4

Step 5

To proceed;

  • Select Confirm Changes

Pass 0.5

  • Enter a new password, repeat and select Proceed

Pass 1

  • Select a Security Question, enter an answer and select Proceed

Pass 2

  • Select Complete and Login to finalize the registration

Pass 3

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