‘To be able to view this channel kindly contact customer support’ error on one particular channel only.

1.  Identify the channel and confirm that it is part of the channel line-up you are subscribed to. Click here to see Melita’s full channel line-up.

2.  If this channel is in your channel line-up, perform a channel scan. Here’s how:

  • Press the Menu button from the Melita HD remote control.

Netbox Menu


  • Press OK on Setup and diagnostics.

  • Go to Automatic Digital Channel Tuning-in and press OK on Cable Manual Tuning.

  • Press OK on Use NIT.

  • Wait for the progress bar to reach 100% and press OK.

  • Exit the Menu and check the channel again.

3.  Reboot the Melita HD box by pressing the power button on the Melita HD remote control.

Netbox Power

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