‘To be able to view this channel kindly contact customer support’

1.  Confirm that your subscription includes the Video On Demand service. Please note that Video on Demand is only included with Melita HD Entertainment Pack.

2.  Confirm that the modem is online and try accessing the internet from another device to confirm internet connectivity.

3.  Check the physical connectivity between the HD box and the modem.

  • Ethernet: The Ethernet cable has to be securely clipped into both a modem LAN port and the LAN port in the HD box. Pull it out from both ends and clip it back in.


  • Power-line adapters (if applicable): Both power-line adapters need to be on. Confirm the physical connectivity of the Ethernet cable on both ends; ensure that the power-line adapter is not plugged into an extension or a triple plug.


4.  Check for internet connectivity on the HD box. Here’s how:

  • Press the Menu button from the Melita HD remote control.

Netbox Menu

  • Press OK on Setup and diagnostics.

  • Go to the Network connection.
  • The @ sign should be green.

  • If no connection is established, the @ sign will be red.

  • In this case, please confirm that the Network Settings are set to Automatic and if they already are, please repeat step 2.

  • Go to Information & diagnostics and press OK on Netbox HD diagnostics.

  • Confirm that Local Network displays an IP address; example (online: Ethernet) and confirm that Internet displays OK (connected).

5.  Reboot the Melita HD box by pressing the power button on the Melita HD remote control.

Netbox Power

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