What are the benefits of using My Melita?

MyMelita gives you total access of your account at a glance.


Tip: If you don’t have MyMelita account, visit this site and subscribe. Activation takes only a few seconds and you will get plenty of benefits with our free App. More information on how to subscribe here.

  • Keep an eye on your usage and get more details
    With MyMelita, you are more in control and it is much easier to manage your bills. MyMelita also gives you up-to-date details on your services and usage history.


  • View your recent bills and payment statements
    You can view all details from your last 6 invoices. Control, your payments, your usage and your fees. Everything is transparent and for your convenience.


  • Pay your bills online
    Once you register on MyMelita, you don’t need to waste time queuing anywhere. You can pay your bill in the comfort of your own home or office through the secure payment portal which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Use online customer help-desk/service
    On-line help, check outages in your area, get a notification in case of an outage, manage your account, get answers to your questions, technical help and much more.


  • Manage your bundles and services
    Activate or deactivate your add-on services, data bundles, SMS bundles or additional services.


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