Why is my HD box automatically switching off after some time?

The Melita Netbox/iBox HD is set up with a power saving mode by default. This means that after a defined amount of idle time, the Melita HD box turns itself off to Hibernation mode.

In this case, idle time is the time the HD box last received instructions from the Melita HD remote control. Whenever you press any key on the Melita HD remote control, the idle timer is restarted. To turn the Melita HD box back on, press the Power button once on the Melita HD remote control.

Netbox Power

By default, the idle time is set to 4 hours. This can be extended to up to 8 hours. Here’s how:

1.  Press the Menu button from the Melita HD remote control.

Netbox Menu

2.  Press OK on Setup and diagnostics.

3.  Go to the User interface and press OK on Power saving mode.

4.  Set the time as desired and press the OK button.

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