Will StellarWiFi continue to function when the Internet or StellarWiFi Cloud is down?

Yes, StellarWiFi services will continue to work in the event of an Internet or StellarWiFi Cloud outage allowing you to continue accessing the local network.

However, if your StellarWiFi is in bridge mode and the scenarios below are also true, your devices will lose their WiFi connection to the StellarWiFi network.

  • Your router is OFF
  • The cable connection between your router and the StellarWiFi pod is disconnected
  • Your router’s DHCP server stops functioning

In bridge mode, StellarWiFi relies on the router it’s plugged into in order to allow devices to connect and get IP addresses. If the router disappears, the connection between StellarWiFi and the router is interrupted, then StellarWiFi will be unable to assign IP addresses.

When your Internet is down, avoid restarting your router repeatedly as this will eventually cause your pods to lose local internet access as well.

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